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The Fuse Ladder isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a distinct modality. Let us show you how to leverage the Fuse Ladder for world-class results.

Fuse Ladder cofounder Mariska Breland.
Mariska Breland

Mariska's classes combine the types of exercise she loves—Pilates, strength training, calisthenics, and even barre and yoga.

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Instructor Meghann Keppele Headshot
Meghann Koppele Duffy

You can expect non-stop flowing workouts with Meghann, whose goal is to work smarter, not harder, to get the deserved results.

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Instructor Addie Ungaretti Headshot
Addie Ungaretti

Addie Ungaretti has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and loves helping people feel stronger and happier in their bodies.

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Instructor Kim Moscatello Headshot
Kim Moscatello

Kim is one of Fuse Ladder’s toughest teachers and is motivated by the strengthening power of optimistic movement for everyone.

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Instructor Meghan Uhl Headshot
Meghan Uhl

Meghan's classes pack a punch that will keep your mind and body challenged through her energy, transitions, and style that "finds, feels, and discovers."

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Instructor Kate Nicodemus Headshot
Katerina Nicodemus

Kate is an amazing mover, our bendiest teacher, who brings her knowledge of yoga, flexibility, and Pilates to create workouts that lengthen and refresh.

Meet Kate


Fuse Ladder classes and personal training sessions expand your studio’s offerings, helping you engage your clients in exciting, dynamic, and—most importantly—effective training that can build off their familiarity with pilates, yoga, calisthenics or gymnastics, or resistance training. 

Instructor coaches woman on Fuse Ladder
Teacher Training

Are you a fitness professional leading group classes or offering private instruction? Elevate your expertise by enrolling in our online training courses to master the usage of the Fuse Ladder with your clients. Then, take your skills to the next level through personalized coaching from Fuse Ladder founder Mariska Breland. You will confidently refine, perfect, and customize your techniques, establishing your position as a standout in the fitness industry.

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Instructor coaches woman on Fuse Ladder
Online Classes

Designed to develop your confidence in unlocking your clients' potential, our on-demand video classes scale the Fuse Ladder to meet a wide range of fitness applications through variations, modifications, and advanced challenges. Discover multiple techniques to target the upper and lower body, enhance core strength, and activate the glutes, all while improving balance, strength, and overall mobility.

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I was thrilled I could finally get Fuse Ladders for my own studio and even more excited to be the first studio in Manhattan with them! The ladders are an amazing tool for everyone from athletes and fitness fanatics to prenatal clients and people seeking rehab for injuries and chronic pain. It’s so adaptable for every population. My clients of all levels are completely in love with the Fuse Ladder and so am I!