Addie Ungaretti

Fuse Ladder Instructor Addie Ungaretti

Addie Ungaretti has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and loves helping people feel stronger and happier in their own bodies. While in graduate school, she began teaching barre, yoga, and mat Pilates on the side. She realized that she wanted to pursue Pilates full-time and completed her 700 hour training at Quantum Pilates in Washington, DC. and worked for Mariska at Fuse Pilates as Senior Instructor and teacher trainer.

Addie housed the very first Fuse Ladder prototype in her garage, where she and Mariska worked on class ideas through the broiling heat of a D.C. summer. Addie is thrilled to now be teaching Fuse Ladder classes online. Her classes are high energy with lots of talking and fun music. She loves using the Fuse Ladder for HIIT style workouts and getting the heart rate up. Expect some non-traditional Pilates movements for strengthening and lengthening. The majority of her classes have optional music (find the mixes under her Public Playlists on Spotify).

When not teaching, she is hoping that her kids don't find her while she is finishing her new favorite book.