Kim Moscatello

Fuse Ladder Instructor Kim Moscatello

Kim Moscatello began her career in fitness in 2010 after leaving a career finance to raise a family and find more fulfilling work. What began as small certifications in various group fitness programs became a full-time passion after finishing her first (of 3) comprehensive Pilates certifications.

In the following years, she gained experience working in a dozen different studios and gyms. She also started her own training business and spent years teaching alongside a Physical Therapist. Her style has become a combination of all the modalities she's come to appreciate and is motivated by the strengthening power of optimistic movement for all people. She loves using the Fuse Ladder with her clients as it offers so many possibilities for any body, at any level.

Kim is one of Fuse Ladder’s toughest teachers. Don’t let her calm demeanor might trick you.