Fitness guru uses the Fuse Ladder Pilates tower to stretch and strengthen core. Fitness guru uses the Fuse Ladder Pilates apparatus to stretch and strengthen core.

Boring Workouts
Be Gone.

Strengthen. Stretch. Play.

Fuse Ladder makes fitness fun, challenging, and never, ever boring. An evolution in Pilates, calisthenics, strength, balance, and barre training that offers limitless ways to move, Fuse Ladder is a total body apparatus that helps to build strength and mobility in every plane of movement. No muscle group—big or small—is forgotten. If a Pilates tower, Pilates springboard, stall bars, ballet barre, pull-up bars, suspension trainer, and weight machine had a love child, this would be it!

One tool. Limitless fitness.

A single Fuse Ladder workout combines countless exercises that can be modified for any body and scaled for any level of expertise. Dial up the intensity by adjusting the spring settings or weight, discover brand new moves by adding accessories, or effortlessly increase the assistance for safe and effective rehabilitation training. Fuse Ladder is as versatile and dynamic as you are—and it makes meeting your goals for strength and conditioning as fun as exploring your favorite playground.

Complete Conditioning & Rehab Within Reach

Dynamic spring weight exercises raise your heart rate and build a stable core. Standing bodyweight moves develop total strength. Balancing movements increase range of motion and joint health. Climbing and hanging exercises unwind tension and lengthen the spine. Fuse Ladder is a multi-dimensional apparatus that helps you meet your body’s complete training, conditioning, and rehabilitation needs.

Wow! The Fuse Ladder is unreal. Challenging, fun, and unlike anything I’ve ever done.

Joelle G., Student

Phew! The Fuse Ladder is no joke. Do not underestimate its ability to make you sweat and shake.

Julia G., Student
The Fuse Ladder exercise apparatus combines stall bars, springboard, pilates cadillac, pilates tower, resistance, and strength training machine.
The Fuse Ladder creates a balanced body through climbing exercises, balance training, and can hold TRX and other suspension accessories.
Fuse Ladder pilates tower with push through bar mimics pilates Cadillac exercises.

Fuse Ladder

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We built the Fuse Ladder for movement enthusiasts who want a sleek, smart, space-saving machine with unlimited potential. Our new model is adjustable by 9 inches to fit the smallest spaces and can be upgraded with a Push-Through Bar to unlock limitless movement possibilities!

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