Meghann Koppele Duffy

Fuse Ladder Instructor Meghann Koppele Duffy

Meghann Koppele Duffy has been a movement and Pilates teacher for over 20 years and loves using the Fuse Ladder to teach exercises integrating her 4-quadrant stability model in both classical Pilates exercises and traditional weight training exercises. No exercises are off limits to Meghann if you can create the proper environment.

You can expect non-stop flowing workouts as Meghann likes to pick one spring setting for the entire workout with minimal adjustments. Her goal is to work smarter not hard to get the deserved results. Expect to feel great and accomplished after every workout.

Meghann has two amazing hound dogs (one Beagle and one gentle giant mutt). When she’s not trying to figure out how the beagle escaped the yard again, she loves a good reality TV show or nice long vacation. She is obsessed with Oreos, and prefers hers with double or triple stuffing.