A woman has fun doing handing exercising on the Fuse Ladder Woman exercises using spring accessories on Fuse Ladder

Our Story

Co-founders Mariska Breland and Roxanna Hakimi created Fuse Ladder to evolve the ways people move and train.

After a decade of owning and operating Fuse Pilates, a highly popular Washington, DC studio chain, Mariska and Roxanna intuited that clients were ready for something fresh—a fitness offering that would take their love of Pilates and functional movement and expand it into something entirely new.

Eager to make Pilates-type training accessible to many more people through adding standing and balancing exercises, Mariska began innovating an approach that could challenge athletes, rehab clients, and train everyone in between.

Knowing that successful studios require space-efficient and affordable solutions, the pair focused on a sleek design, small footprint and easy, cost effective installation.

Once the ground-breaking apparatus was complete, Mariska developed an array of innovative, constantly evolving workouts to use the equipment in the studio and at home, for every level of training. And a new genre was born.

Fuse Ladder is a multi-dimensional tool that allows you to teach exercises you may already know from Pilates towers, Swedish bars (stall bars), Ped-o-pull, weight resistance machines, stretching, and mat work, as well as opening up a range of new movements combining facets of all of these things.

For Use At Home

A Fuse Ladder in your home offers endless ways to get moving. High-intensity conditioning, total-body strength building, slow spinal decompression and tension relief after a busy day… the options are endless. Installing a Fuse Ladder in your home is simple, with adjustable heights for different ceilings and minimal hardware required. Use our online classes to train, or master your favorite exercises and create your own workouts.

The Fuse Ladder is not simply an apparatus, it’s also a modality of its own. Fuse Ladder classes and personal training sessions expand your studio’s offerings, helping you engage your clients in exciting, dynamic, and—most importantly—effective training that can build off their familiarity with pilates, yoga, calisthenics or gymnastics, or resistance training. 

For Fitness Professionals

Fuse Ladder is gratifying to master, easy to teach, and safe to use. It is used to train Olympians and professional athletes, wheelchair warriors, and youth and adults from ages ten to one hundred! It also gets superb results in prenatal classes and rehab settings. When you teach Fuse Ladder, your clients can discover hundreds of new ways to move and stay mindfully engaged because no two classes need ever look the same. The most common refrain after a Fuse Ladder session? “The time just flew by!”

Your Fitness Routine Shouldn’t Feel Routine

Workout ruts are a buzzkill when it comes to meeting fitness goals. Fuse Ladder’s innovative design and wide array of accessories keeps the mind learning and the body discovering.

Strength, meet Mobility

Just like you have a left foot and a right foot, great conditioning relies on two foundations. Develop strength as well as a full range of motion—aka joint mobility—and you can get the gains you’ve always wanted.

Anyone Can Be An Athlete

When you commit to Fuse Ladder workouts even a couple of times a week, you can reach and maintain your ideal strength and fitness level no matter your stage in life or level of capability and experience. Fuse Ladder meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

I wanted to add cardio to my regular Pilates routine, but I am not a big fan of running or working out in a gym. I became so frustrated trying to find an alternative, and then I tried the Fuse Ladder. I’m addicted!