Challenging Fuse Ladder Pilates Classes Online with Kim Moscatello

Challenging Pilates classes online with Kim Moscatello on the Fuse Ladder Pilates Tower

When we were looking for teachers to feature on the Fuse Ladder Pilates classes online website, we knew we didn’t have to look farther than Kim Moscatello. She’s one of our favorite teachers who has her own Pilates classes online, as well as a much-visited Instagram page full of creative inspiration. What could she do if she had a Fuse Ladder? Turns out – a lot.

Why Fuse Ladder Pilates Classes Online?

The Fuse Ladder can do a lot more than a standard Pilates tower or even a Pilates Cadillac. It can do so much, in fact, that to showcase its potential, we knew we needed to bring in multiple teachers with different perspectives. Teachers to design classes that go beyond what we cover in our teacher training or training manual. Enter our Pilates classes online website.

Why Does Kim Love Her Fuse Ladder?

Let’s see in her own words.


Hi, I'm Kim Moscatello, and I'm one of the featured instructors on the Fuse Ladder Pilates classes online website and a Pilates teacher based in New Jersey. Ever since installing the Pilates Ladder in my own studio, it's become an indispensable part of my client sessions as well as my own personal practice.

Endless Variety of Teaching Options

Without a doubt, the number one advantage this apparatus has over any other one that I own is this extreme amount of variability and adaptability for anything we want to do - whether I have somebody who wants to train some crazy old-school skill set like a human flag or strength training pull-ups in any number of different ways or your classic Pilates lover who really loves the advantage of back bends and deep ranges you can usually just get on the Cadillac. Most of that is mimickable here in a plethora of ways.

But on the flips side, if you happen to have people or you or yourself have some mobility limitations, having the availability of both of the rungs to be able to get us closer to the ground or all the way and up to enable our transitions. And also you have I believe I counted correctly - 27 different attachment points - that are just so easily removable that allow me to bring both the resistance to and away from the client without a whole lot of necessarily them moving - it just becomes just beyond beneficial for everything that you could want it to be.

Fuse Ladder - a Space Saving Option to Pilates Apparatus

Aside from that, the space-saving aspect of having this up against the wall is huge. I have it in a room with many other apparatus, and it always feels out of the way. And because of the wall space on either side, I’ve found some really cool ways to utilize the space next to and beside the Fuse Ladder. 

With this machine and every single client I have has made mention of how their sessions have gone up with the availability of having this in our studio. I know that you will agree so I encourage everybody to get one of these in your studio or get your hands on the studio that has one. I promise you won't regret it!

We agree!