Mariska Breland works out with the Fuse Ladder and Push-Through-Bar
Instructor Mariska Breland demonstrates balance exercise with yoga sling on fuse ladder
Instructor Mariska Breland demonstrates exercise with springs and straps on Fuse Ladder

Virtual Training with Mariska Breland

Learn how to maximize the Fuse Ladder’s capabilities with this Virtual Training led by Mariska Breland, Fuse Ladder inventor & founder! You’ll learn how to use your Fuse Ladder as a Pilates wall tower, accessory for mat work, Swedish bars (stall bars), Ped-o-Pull, weight machine, and much more in this pre-recorded Zoom session.

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What To Expect

We’ll cover a huge range of exercises, including moves for the upper body, lower body, core, and glutes, as well as balance, strength, and flexibility.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for studio owners, group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and anyone who wants to learn how to build a great workout program with multi-functional equipment.

Next Level Skills

Our online courses will help you feel confident about unlocking your unlimited potential using variations, modifications, and next-level challenges that scale Fuse Ladder to a wide range of capabilities and fitness needs. You’ll discover a vast number of ways to train the upper and lower body, core, and glutes, as well as develop balance, strength, and mobility.

Woman exercising with spring accessories on Fuse Ladder
Man exercising with spring accessories on Fuse Ladder
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