Why Take Fuse Ladder Pilates Classes Online?

Why Take Fuse Ladder Pilates Classes Online?

When Fuse Ladder started getting more popular, we knew it was important for people to be able to take Fuse Ladder Pilates classes online so they would have a guide for their workouts and inspiration for their classes.

Why do people take Pilates classes online?

  1. It’s convenient. You can take online fitness classes from anywhere at any time, which is important for people with busy schedules or people who do a lot of traveling. It’s also great for people who like to work out at weird times, like 5 in the morning.
  2. It’s cost-effective. Our subscription is free to try and just $24/month after that. That’s less than an in-person class pretty much anywhere. That doesn’t mean in-person isn’t great, but if you have a Fuse Ladder and want to supplement your workouts, you can keep within your budget
  3. We can offer you variety. We have multiple teachers who all have a different style. And as our site gets more popular, we can add more classes online.
  4. You can take class from wherever. If you have a Fuse Ladder, but don’t have any teachers near you – we can literally come into your home/studio/PT clinic through the magic of the internet.
  5. We can make workouts for you. Give us an idea of what type of Pilates classes online you’d like to see, or if you want more yoga, strength training, calisthenics or rehab ideas. We’re happy to help!

What else should I know about Fuse Ladder classes online?

It’s also a great way to figure out the things you can do with your Fuse Ladder. Looking to know how the new Push through bar or yoga sling works? We have classes for that. Do you need to work on your pull-ups? There’s a class for that. Finding balance? Yep. Want to do work on your glutes? Obviously we have you covered. Cardio? Sure thing.

If you have an idea of a class you’d like to see using the Fuse Ladder, let us know!