What’s So Great About the Fuse Ladder for Pilates Tower Exercises for Legs (Part 1)

What’s So Great About the Fuse Ladder for Pilates Tower Exercises for Legs (Part 1)


The Pilates tower is essentially half of a Pilates Cadillac, and there are dozens of varieties on the market, including ones that are standalone and others that attach to Pilates reformers.

It offers a full body workout. And if you are looking for the best Pilates tower available, look no further than the Fuse Ladder. In this two-part post, let’s first look at what you can do with it that you might know from the classical apparatus.

The Classics! Pilates Tower Exercises Supine

The leg springs that you can find on a Pilates tower, Pilates Cadillac or springboard are also a feature on the Fuse Ladder. In fact, you can buy extra heavy ones long springs if the standard springs aren’t enough for you (beast mode: activated!)

One of the favorite exercises in the entirety of the Pilates repertoire is feet in straps. Frogs, circles, openings – you name it. Off-loading the weight of your legs using Pilates tower springs feels amazing (except when you feel the burn, but that feels great in its own way, too).

The Classics! Pilates Tower Exercises Side Lying

Side-lying exercises on a Pilates tower or the Fuse Ladder are very similar to what you do in Pilates mat work, except you have the added resistance and assistance of the springs. Yes, it’s harder to move your leg against the weight, but it’s a lot easier to lift your leg up.

The Classics! Pilates Tower Exercises Flying

Classical Pilates exercises like rolling stomach massage and airplane can be done on the Pilates tower of Fuse Ladder. Just make sure the weight is heavy enough to get you airborne! If it’s not, try bringing the springs higher, or use a heavier spring if needed.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we look at the exercises that you either can’t do at all without a Fuse Ladder (or else they’re a lot more cumbersome to do!)