What are Fuse Ladder Stall Bars?

What are Fuse Ladder Stall Bars?

What were the OG stall bars?

Stall bars, also known as Swedish bars or the Swedish Ladder, have a long and interesting history dating back to the 1800s. They were invented by a Swedish gymnastics teacher named Per Henrik Ling, who is considered the father of Swedish gymnastics.

The original stall bars were made of wood and consisted of a series of bars mounted vertically on a frame (a ladder). The bars were designed to let the user to do a variety of exercises using body weight as resistance.

They took off in popularity in Sweden – not only in gymnastics classes, but also in hospitals and rehab centers because they were great for treating back problems and improving postures (hey, they’re onto something here…)

How did Fuse Ladder Stall Bars Come to Be?

We didn’t originally plan the Fuse Ladder around stall bars. We just knew we wanted a system that had bars at multiple levels and had the ability to attach springs. It didn’t take long to realize that the base of the idea already existed. And that the base could literally be the base to build our prototype.

The very first Fuse Ladder was built on a pre-manufactured set of stall bars. They weren’t as tall as we wanted. They were too wide. But we added some hooks, attached springs, and started to play.

The first 12 Fuse Ladders used in studio for our signature group classes were handmade by multiple people. The stall bars were made by a carpenter. The backboard by a furniture maker. The springs were from a third party. The numbers next to the rungs came from Amazon and Fuse Ladder creators Mariska and Roxanna stuck them on themselves.

Over the past several years, the Fuse Ladder has changed a lot. We added padded pull up bars and extra hooks everywhere. We made accessories. We partnered with a Pilates equipment manufacturer to make the Fuse Ladder, adding metal sides with sliding eyelets. The backboard became more comfortable.

Why Pick Fuse Ladder Stall Bars?

There are so many things you can do with a Fuse Ladder that regular stall bars can’t do. But if you want to do those regular stall bar exercises (or some of our fun variations), you can do them on the best-looking stall bars available. (Yes, we’re partial).