How to Make More Money at Your Studio

How to Make More Money at Your Studio

Go Vertical with Pilates Wall Units to Save Space 

Pilates and fitness studios can be lucrative, but you’re going to need to make the best use of your space. One of the biggest expenses you’ll pay in your business is rent, and you pay for that by the square foot. That means maximizing space is paramount to increase your revenue. You’re either going to need to use the walls or you’ll need to find stackable equipment.

To keep clients happy, it’s ideal to offer more than one class type. But back to that issue of space… A lot of different types of equipment takes up a lot of space. Multi-use equipment like the Fuse Ladder Pilates wall unit allow for strength and conditioning classes, Pilates classes, barre, stretching, and you can use the Fuse Ladder to attach suspension units like TRX or Balanced Body Pilates’ Bodhi. Plus, the Fuse Ladder takes up just around 3 feet of wall space and just over 3 inches of floor space, leaving plenty of room for mat classes – which could be anything from yoga and Pilates to cardio and martial arts.

Rent Your Space When It’s Empty

If your equipment is stackable or you’ve installed Pilates wall units like the Fuse Ladder, you can rent an almost empty studio during your down times. A beautiful, spacious environment is welcoming for yoga classes, massage therapy, small group meetings, and remote work. When we used to run a studio out of an old Victorian mansion, we even rented our space for weddings!

Offer Small Group Training

Even though you might have floor space for 45 in a group mat class, consider offering small group classes on equipment for a more personalized and intimate training experience. Smaller classes using equipment are understood to cost more, and people pay for the higher-priced packages for a chance to play on the apparatus.

Raise Your Prices

We understand that it’s scary to raise your prices. You’re worried that your clients might leave. But when’s the last time you gave yourself a raise? And have you seen the cost of things these days? If your clients are loyal, a small increase in price won’t deter them. Just work up the nerve and inform them that as of a certain date, the cost for classes or private instruction (or ideally both) is going up.


If you have a great studio (ideally with Fuse Ladder Pilates wall units), they’ll stick around. To learn more about how the Fuse Ladder can help your studio be more profitable, watch our webinar here.