Fuse Ladder Pilates Tower Exercises for Tennis

Fuse Ladder Pilates Tower Exercises for Tennis

Tennis – A Game for Life

If you love tennis, you probably know that a long game or practice can leave you feeling a little off-balance. Since you spend so much time mainly using one arm and rotating in specific ways whether you are hitting a forehand or backhand, you need to cross-train – first, to create better balance in your body, and second, to build strength and endurance so you can keep playing for life. Actually, tennis can even increase your lifespan!

Fuse Ladder & Tennis - A Love Match

Fuse Ladder Pilates Tower exercises are an ideal complement. Tennis requires a combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, and Pilates Tower exercises can help improve all of these aspects. Below are some specific benefits of the Fuse Ladder repertoire of exercises for tennis players:

  1. Core musculature helps transfer power from the lower body to the upper body. You want to work on all of those muscles – obliques (internal and external), rectus abdominals, transverse abdominals, and even hip flexors. And don’t forget your back and glutes. Better core strength helps with rotation, and you’re going to need a lot of that.
  2. The Fuse Ladder is perfect for increasing shoulder mobility and strength. Because we have the ability to offer hanging from our overhead bars, you can get wonderful stretches for muscles that get tight in a sport that is always “forward” of you (unless you’re hitting the ball with your back towards the net, which is impressive!). Plus, there are countless Pilates tower exercises that work on shoulder strength and mobility.
  3. By doing Pilates tower exercises like lunges and squats and single leg work with the instability of the springs, you can improve your footwork move quickly and change your pace along with the game. Climbing the ladder is a great way to build the power you’ll need to run for the ball.
  4. And Pilates-based exercises are great for improving breathing to help you maintain focus and endurance for matches that go long.

Plus, Fuse Ladder has some great rotational exercises and balance exercises. Check out this class on our online workout website featuring Mariska training her husband, who plays squash.