Celebrating Our Inspiration Part 1 - the Creator of Stall Bars

Celebrating Our Inspiration Part 1 - the Creator of Stall Bars

Who Came Up with the OG Stall Bars?

We're starting this series on people who helped inspire the Fuse Ladder with the Stall Bars part of the Ladder.

Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) was a Swedish educator, poet, and physical therapist who is considered the father of Swedish massage and Swedish gymnastics. Ling was born in Sweden and grew up in a family of farmers (apparently grandpa lived to 105!). He attended the University of Uppsala, where he studied languages, literature, and natural sciences.

He Also Created Swedish Massage! Thanks!

After completing his studies, Ling traveled throughout Europe and studied various forms of physical education and manual therapy. He became interested in the idea of using exercise and massage to promote physical and mental health, and he developed his own system of gymnastics (enter stall bars!) and massage that he called the Swedish Movement Cure .

A Complete Body Solution?

Ling's system was based on the idea that exercise should be done in a safe and controlled environment, and that massage could be used to relieve pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. He developed a series of exercises that used the body's own weight as resistance, and he also developed a system of massage that involved various techniques, such as kneading and tapping. 

Let's Move - Ling Style!

Ling's system of gymnastics and massage became very popular in Sweden and other parts of Europe, and he opened a school in Stockholm to teach his methods. He also trained a number of instructors, who went on to spread his teachings throughout the world.

Today, Ling is remembered as a pioneer in the field of physical education and manual therapy. His methods are still used today in various forms of exercise and massage, and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of practitioners.

The Stall Bars are the core of the Fuse Ladder. Although we saw some need for improvement, you can do a ton of exercises with nothing other than the bars themselves. Check out this class from Kim where she doesn't use any of our accessories at all!